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Each year, the Institute for Public Service recognizes its staff for extraordinary achievements in public service and outreach. Staff members are honored through a variety of awards for customer service, teamwork, professionalism, special projects and excellence in public service. Awards recognize achievements of new staff as well as seasoned staff. Some of the awards have monetary stipends, which have been made possible by a series of endowments created and funded by current and former employees of IPS. Descriptions of the awards and previous winners can be found below.

Tom and Diane Ballard Award of Excellence in Public Service

The Tom and Diane Ballard Award of Excellence in Public Service is presented to a full-time, non-exempt employee who has demonstrated and sustained high quality job performance, initiative, good communication skills, flexibility and commitment to the institute.

1993 Charlotte Brooks, IPS CO 1999 James Byler, CGT 2006 Pat Frost, IPS CO
1993 Ann Lowe, MTAS 1999 Carolyn Keith, CTAS 2007 Pam Peters, CTAS
1994 Armintha Loveday, MTAS 2000 Cheryl Smith, CGT 2008 Tess Davis, MTAS
1994 Brenda Moss, IPS CO 2001 Carmen Rowe, CIS 2009 Sandy Selvage, MTAS
1995 Michael Berger, CTV 2002 Stacy Talley, CIS 2010 Brian Spears, CTAS
1996 Beverly Erwin, CIS 2003 Jane Davis, LEIC 2011 Donna Bridges, CIS
1996 Elaine Turner, CTAS 2003 Jill Marling, IPS CO 2012 Misty Bean, LEIC
1997 Margie Foster, CGT 2004 Armintha Loveday, MTAS 2013 Jane Davis, IPS CO
1998 Cyndy Edmonds, CGT 2004 Beth Paton, CIS 2014 Doug Brown, MTAS
1998 Deborah Howell, CCP 2005 Patricia Burke, CTAS  

Robert S. Hutchison Outstanding Public Service Professional Award

The Robert S. Hutchison Outstanding Public Service Professional Award is presented to a full-time exempt staff member who has consistently shown extraordinary commitment to the public service mission, the institute and the university.

1978 Curtis Vandiver, CIS 1982 Rodney Carmical, CTAS 1986 Carol Hewlett, MTAS 1992 Cam Metcalf, CIS 1997 Libby McCroskey, CTAS 2005 Jarrett Hallcox, LEIC
1978 Ed Meisenhelder, MTAS 1982 Ralph Rinella, CIS 1986 Mike Garland, CTAS 1992 Sharon Rollins, MTAS

1998 Bob Schettler, CTAS

1999 Gary D. Hayes, CTAS

2006 Richard Buggeln, CIS
1979 Arlan North Jr., CGT 1982 Mike Tallent, MTAS 1986 Bert Wiggs, CIS 1992 Rosemary Walker, CTV 2000 Ray Crouch, MTAS 2007 Dennis Huffer, MTAS
1979 Ken Joines, MTAS 1982 Danny Wyrick, CGT 1987 Smiley Clapp, CIS 1993 David Bower, CTV 2000 Chris Garkovich, CTAS 2008 Don Darden, MTAS
1979 W.C. McIntyre, CTAS 1983 Viona Rice, CGT 1987 Rodney Carmichal, CTAS 1994 Ed Archer, MTAS 2001 Roger Adkins, CTAS 2009 Mike Hill, LEIC
1980 Tom McAnulty, CTAS 1983 Sharon Yarbrough, CTAS 1988 Tommy Himes, CGT 1994 Constance Smith, CGT 2001 Bobby Phillips, CGT 2010 Mary Ann Moon, CTAS
1980 Don Ownby, MTAS 1984 Bob Wormsley, CTAS 1988 Ron Fults, CTAS 1995 Tommy Himes, CGT 2002 Becky Peterson, CIS 2011 Chuck Beasley, CIS
1980 Jim Ross, CIS 1984 Jim Leuty, MTAS 1988 Sid Hemsley, MTAS 1995, William Singleton, CIS 2002 John Walden, CTAS 2012 Terri Kinloch, CTAS
1981 C.L. Overman, MTAS 1985 R.L. Highers, CIS 1990 Marie Murphy, CTAS 1995 Bill Terry, CTV 2003 David Connor, CTAS 2012 Sid Hemsley, CTAS
1981 Billy Rodgers, CTAS 1985 John Fort, CGT 1990 Randy Williams, MTAS 1996 Michael Battershell, CTV 2003 Dick Phebus, MTAS 2013 Margaret Norris, MTAS
1981 G. Lawson White, CTAS 1985 Johnny Headrick, CTAS 1990 Bob Schettler, CGT 1996 Al Cash, CIS 2004 Rex Barton, MTAS 2014 Robin Roberts, CTAS
1981 Natalie Wiesenhuegel, CIS 1985 Joe Muscatello, MTAS 1991 Penny Vuaghn, CGT 1997 Pat Hardy, MTAS 2004 Rick Hall, CTAS  

Horizon Award

The Horizon Recognition award is presented to a regular full-time or part-time non-exempt and extempt employee with less than three years of service with an IPS agency. The recipient must demonstrate a positive attitude, show initiative, be a team player and exemplify excellence in performance.

1993 Rheadawn McGee-Brown, CGT 1995 Patricia Burke, CGT 1997 Karen Walker, CTV 2004 JeanMarie McGowan, MTAS 2008 Elaine Morrisey, MTAS 2013 Martha Kelly, CIS
1993  Rita Brown, IPS CO 1995 Sharon Whitley, CIS 1998 Brian Spears, EMS 2005 Tess Davis, MTAS 2008 Misty Bean, LEIC

2013 Brad Harris, MTAS



1993 Robert Wilston, CTV 1996 Chung Hee Kim, CGT 1999 Karen Barrett, EMS 2005 Jessica Woudsma, MTAS 2009 Leigh Lawson, MTAS
1994 Ann O'Connel, MTAS 1996 Jason Liston, CTV 2000 Ann Thompson, MTAS 2006 Donna Bridges, CIS 2010 Michelle Buckner, MTAS
1994 Carmen Rowe, CIS 1996 Tim Mendenhall, CTV 2001 Linda Dean, MTAS 2006 Gina Guinn, LEIC 2010 Patty Wells, CIS
1994 Judy Wilhite, IPS CO 1996 Sherry Myers, CIS 2002 Jennifer Hicks, MTAS 2007 Nancy Gibson, MTAS 2012 Shelley Hayes, IPS CO
1995 James Bell, CTV 1997 Angina Everetts, CIS 2003 Marie Horton, IPS CO 2007 Sherri Brown, IPS CO 2013 Michelle Terry, CIS
2014 Jessie Stooksbury, IPS CO  
2014  Mike Galey CTAS  
2014  Dennie Wolfe, MTAS  

Beacon Award

The Beacon Award recognizes an individual, either non-exempt or exempt, who has demonstrated a continued capacity for providing top-notch services behind the scenes, yet having first-hand knowledge of projects and by helping support agency outcomes. In other words, an employee who comes to work every day supporting the outcomes of the agency, but in a manner that is largely unknown to many customers or even other members of IPS agencies. 

2006 Queena Jones, IPS CO 2009 Queena Jones, Susan Robertson and Judy Wilhite, IPS CO 2012 Scott Gordy, IPS CO
2007 Frances Adams-Obrien, MTAS 2010 Pat Frost, IPS CO 2013 Gail White, IPS CO
2008 Judy Wilhite, IPS CO 2011 Becky Smeltzer, MTAS
2014 Sherri Brown, MTAS  

Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award recognizes an employee who has demonstrated an ability to provide services that goes above and beyond the normal high-quality services we all seek to provide. This person has extended an extraordinary effort on one significant project, has performed at an exceptional level over a period of time and has successfully used a new method or technology for providing services to customers. 

2006 Debbie Blanchard, CTAS 2009 Doug Bodary, Kevin Lauer and Ben Rodgers, CTAS 2012 Earl Pomeroy, CIS
2007 Jim Slizewski, CIS 2010 Margaret Norris, MTAS 2013 Harry Kitchens, CIS
2008 Kim Raia, CTAS 2011 Andre Temple, CIS
2014 Doug Boday, CTAS  

Project of the Year

A team of employees must be working on an ongoing project or have completed a project that supports the IPS strategic plan. A team may be in one agency, be in a cross-agency group, or be in a group made up of IPS staff and outside partners. Project selection is based on contributions promoting advancements in service quality, relationship development, entrepreneurial use of technology, approaches that advance the efficiency of customer operations or IPS internal operations, leadership development, exemplary use of face-to-face contacts or development of new methodologies for advancing delivery of services, or advancement in the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

2001 Geographical Financial Information System, CTAS 2005 Fayette Co. Elected Officials Academy, MTAS and CTAS 2009 Certified Municipal Finance Officers Program, MTAS 2013 Waste Tire Disposal Fee Bill, CTAS
2002 Ethics and Intgegrity Training, LEIC 2006 Regional Community Policing Summit, LEIC 2010 Pathfinder Therpeutics, CIS
2003 Sevier County Solid Waste Recommendations, MTAS and CTAS 2007 Urban Forestry Project, MTAS 2011 County Research and Economic Data Assistance Center, CTAS
2004 Revising Mutual Aid & Assistance Among Local Governments, CTAS and MTAS 2008 Mutual Aid, MTAS and CTAS 2012 e-Li, CTAS
2014 Nissan Supply Chain Initiative, CIS  

Faculty Excellence Award

The Faculty Excellence Award is to recognize a faculty member who has demonstrated commitment to public service, the mission of IPS and its agencies, and excellence in teaching or consulting. Additionally, the faculty member should currently be working with or have worked with IPS or its agencies within the last year. The faculty member can be from any of the University of Tennessee campuses. 

2004 Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, Political Science, UT Knoxville 2008 Dr. Matt Murray, Center for Business and Economic Research, UT Knoxville 2012 Dr. Bruce Ralstonk Geography, UT Knoxville
2005 Dr. William Bass, Anthropology Department, UT Knoxville 2009 Dr. Don Dareing, College of Engineering, UT Knoxville 2013 Dr. Brian Donavant, Criminal Justice, UT Knoxville
2006 Dr. Arpad Vass, Instructor, UT Knoxville and Research Scientist, ORNL 2010 Dr. David Folz, Political Science and Public Administration, UT Knoxville
2007 Dr. Lee Jantz, Anthropology Department, UT Knoxville 2011 Dr. Rupy Sawhney, College of Engineering, UT Knoxville
2014 Dr. Murray Marks, Associate Professor, UT Knoxville Dept. of Anthropology  

Five Franklins

The Five Franklins is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions throughout the year. 


1992 Cathy Brown, CTAS
1992 William Singleton, CIS
1992 Constance Smith, CGT

2002 Paige Kisber, LEIC
2002 Lynn Reed, CIS
2012 Macel Ely, Naifeh Center
2012 Mary Ann Moon, CTAS
2012 Jim Slizewski, CIS
2012 Linda Winstead, MTAS
2012 Justin O'Hara
2012 Lynne Holliday, CTAS
1993 Anne Gilbert, MTAS
1993 Tommy Himes, CGT
1993 Frank McKee, CTAS
1993 Becky Peterson, CIS
2003 Bill Hicks, CIS 2013 Liz Gossett, CTAS
2013 Sherri Brown, MTAS
2013 Jeff Metzger, CTAS
2013 Jennifer Benson, LEIC
2013 Misty Bean, LEIC
1994 Kenneth Hardison, CIS
1994 Matt Ockenfels, CTV
2004 John Erdmann, CIS
2004 Beverly Erwin, CIS
2004 Jennifer Hicks, MTAS
2004 Steve Wyatt, MTAS
1995 Smiley Clapp, CIS
1995 Steve Lobertini, MTAS
1995 Judy Reinhart, CTAS
2005 Mary Ann Moon, CTAS
2005 Richard Stokes, MTAS
1996 Kirk Bednar, MTAS
1996 Ray Crouch MTAS

2006 Rex Barton, MTAS
2006 Ralph Cross, MTAS
2006 Scott Gordy, IPS CO
2006 John Erdmann, CIS
2006 Kurt Frederick, MTAS
2006 Kenneth Hardison, CIS
2006 Armintha Loveday, MTAS
2006 Mary Ann Moon, CTAS
2006 Pam Peters, CTAS
2006 Cordonia Watts, LEIC

1997 Daniel Carter, CTAS
1997 Kenneth Hardison, CIS
1997 Regina Holt, CGT
1997 Dick Phebus, MTAS

2007 Thaddeus Grace, IPS CO
2007 Mike Meyers, CTAS
2007 Sandy Selvage, MTAS
2007 Mandy Johnson, LEIC
2007 Judy Wilhite, IPS CO
2007 Bill Wiley, CIS

1998 Chris Garkovich, CTAS
1998 Bobby Phillips, CGT
1998 Sally Thierbach, MTAS
1998 Chris Wright, CIS
2008 John Chlarson, MTAS
2008 Ron Loewen, IPS CO
2008 Mike Hill, LEIC
2008 Nathan Lefebvre, LEIC
2008 Kasey Draney, IPS CO

1999 George Davis, CTV
1999 Jacqueline Fish, SCOPE
1999 Terry Griffith, CGT
1999 Mike Tallent, MTAS
1999 Carolyn Dexter, IPS CO

2009 Sherri Brown, IPS
2009 Kasey Draney, IPS CO
2009 Lori Ungurait, LEIC
2009 Libby McCroskey, CTAS
2009 Josh Jones, MTAS
2000 David Connor, CTAS
2000 Lynne Holliday, CTAS
2000 Bryan Lane, CIS
2000 Bill Stetar, CIS
2010 Jennnifer Benson, LEIC
2010 Brett Ward, MTAS
2010 Bryan Lane, CIS
2010 Melissa Ashburn, MTAS
2010 Jim Slizewski, CIS
2001 Debra Dupree, CIS
2001 Paul Middlebrooks, CIS
2001 Sandy Selvage, MTAS
2011 Emily Miller, LEIC
2011 Pat Hardy, MTAS
2011 Macel Ely, Naifeh Center
2011 Kevin Lauer, CTAS
2011 Susan Robertson, IPS CO
2014 Donna Bridges, CIS  
2014 Gary Hayes, CTAS  
2014 Lisa Shipley, MTAS  

Vice Presidential Citation

The Vice Presidential Citation recognizes a special effort by IPS staff members who go above and beyond normal job assignments or have worked relentlessly on a complex project.

1981 Robert Lovelace, MTAS
1981 Viona Rice, CGT
1981 Penelope Vaughn, CGT
1996 George Davis, CTV
1996 Jane Davis, CTV
1996 Lisa Shipley, MTAS
1996 Mary Taylor, IPS CO
1996 Jon Walden, CTAS
1996 Robert Wilson, CTV
2004 Pat Hardy, MTAS
2004 Mike Tallent, MTAS
2012 Re-apportionment Team, CTAS
2012 Training Partner Team
1983 Gary Mabrey and Staff, CGT
1983 Jim Westbrook and Staff, CTAS
1997 Dave Hall, CIS
1997 Staff, MTAS
2005 TNCPE Team, CIS
2005 NFA Training Team, LEIC
2013 Energy Efficiency Joint Program, CIS, CTAS and MTAS
2013 Made in Tennessee, CIS
1990 Staff, CGT
1990 Staff CTV
1990 CTAS
1998 Bob Schettler, CGT
1998 Staff, SCOPE

2006 County Budget Team, CTAS
2006 Asphalt Study Team, CTAS
2006 Mike Sullivan, LEIC

1991 Staff, CGT
1991 Chuck Shoopman, IPS CO
1991 Dennis Upton, CGT

1999 Staff if City University, MTAS
1999 Staff of City University, CGT
1999 Becky Peterson, CIS
1999 Paige Kisber, CGT
1999 Ann Johnson, CTAS
1999 Sid Hemsley, MTAS
1999 James Rhody, CGT
1999 Paula Mealka, IPS CO
1999 Staff, MTAS

2007 ISO9000 Certification Team, CIS
2007 Terrorist, Transit Tools & Tactics, LEIC
1992 Nell Tays Hirsch, CIS
1992 Tom Owens, CTV
1992 Bradley Prosise, CTV
2000 Jacqueline Fish, LEIC
2000 Jarrett Hallcox, LEIC
2008 Center for Industrial Services
1993 T.C. Parsons, CIS
2001 Mike Hill, LEIC 2009 Homeland Security Disaster Training
2009 Solution Point
2009 Dave Hall, CIS
1994 Evelyn Jackson, UT Knoxville
1994 Judith Reinhart, CTAS
1994 Richard Stokes, MTAS
1994 Penelope Vaughn, CGT
2002 IRIS Team, IPS CO
2002 TMEP Staff, CIS
2010 Dr. Helen Eigenberg and Dr. Vic Bumphus, UT Chattanooga
1995 David Bower, CTV
1995 Rodney Carmical, CTAS
1995 Bob Schwartz, MTAS
2003 Jarrett Hallcox, LEIC
2003 Nathan Lefebvre, LEIC
2011 Beverly Erwin, CIS
2011 Solar Team, CIS
2014 Tennessee Certified Economic Developer Program, CIS  


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